Kandolhu Maldives

The island is beautiful, cozy, lush, with wide sandy beaches surrounding the emerald green.

It has many restraints with different cuisines: The Market, Olive, Sea Grill, Banzai

Ata Roa and Vilu Bar.

The island measures 150 by 200 meters, it's very green and beautiful, you can walked around in just a few minutes time.

Arriving here you seem to find yourself in one big friendly family, where everyone is glad to see you, they smile and remember by name.

When we arrived to Kandolhu we enjoyed our first dinner in Sea Grill. They cooked the best Grilled Confit Octopus that we ever tried in our life.

Actually all dishes were tasty and beautiful.

During our stay we’ve been in all restraints and recommend to to try all of them.

The Market is an all-day dining à la carte restaurant which serves international and local specialties in a relaxed ambiance. All staff is really professional and kind.

When we’ve been in Mexican restaurant Ata Roa it was perfect time to enjoy island and sea view from the side.

They were presenting a light lunch with tacos and ceviches. This restaurant you have to book in advance, because it's small, but the experience is amazing.

Banzai was won our heart!

It’s more than Japanise Restraunt. They did an amazing show and food presentation.

The chef juggled with his tools, joked very funny, while creating his culinary masterpieces. By far this is the most unusual and amazing dinner we have experienced so far. It was a private dinner, so we really felt like the privileged guests in the front row. This is a very special place that we highly recommend visiting.

And of course how we could skip private romantic dinner at the most romantic island in Maldives?

Real torches were placed around us, their warm flickering illuminated everything around. We felt ourselves alone in the entire universe, lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, under the starry sky.

It was very beautiful and intimate.

When you are too fond of rest, and forget about the time spent in the sun, it is easy to get sunburn. The staff of the hotel helped us with a cream.

They have a small boutique on the island with everything included local items, toiletries, apparel, postcards and a selection of souvenirs. Also we was surprised about the price in this boutique it's really affordable.

We were very happy that we had complimentary Wi-Fi with strong signal around the island including most public areas and guest villas.

Private excursion to the sand bank surrounded by a beautiful reef and nothing else but water - this is a great way to mix sun worshipping with snorkeling!

Sandbank is a couple of minutes away by motorboat. Two sun loungers and an umbrella were prepared for the us, as well as a small refrigerator with soft drinks. We filmed videos and photos from the drone. It turned out very cool!

By the way, don’t forget to take care of sunscreen in advance (at least SPF 50) if you want to go there.

We stayed at the very spacious and beautiful villa overlooking the gorgeous Maldivian sunsets.

Every day we were chilling in incredible bath with a view. There was very quiet, cozy and carefree.

During our stay we saw different kind of fishes, sharks, turtles and even swam with them.

We wish everyone to feel such an unforgettable experience!

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